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Our expertise lies in understanding our client’s requirements and partnering with them at every stage - from idealization, product development to the final finished product being shipped. Our young energetic designing team with their passion and innovative ideas creates a diverse swatch in all price ranges and works meticulously to bring freshness in each collection. We are specialized in creating and inventing new elements which is our unique forte. We have a plethora of swatches in our archive available to our clients for selection. Our embroideries are worked on various fabrics. We also work on leather, laces, jeans, jackets, bags, shoes and just about anything. We also stitch full finished garments. We offer impeccable craftsmanship, along with the fabric and element sourcing, stitching, sampling and production. 

Our in-house craftsmen are trained to deliver to the exact standards of international clients and good capacity to do the production In-House.


44 EMB STUDIO thrives completely on quality and client satisfaction. Our quality control process ensures high standard craftsmanship.

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